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Classic Beauty

When I was looking for women to be a part of my capstone project, an old friend from high school, Heather Ross, contacted me to be included.  Heather is a beautiful 6’0″ woman with amazing curls and curves.  When she sent me a message, she said that it stuck out to her that I want to help make women feel self-confident no matter their body type.  Heather invited me to her breath-taking apartment in San Francisco where she has a stunning rooftop view of the city.  I couldn’t resist my love for city rooftops, so we also did some fashion photographs for her blog for tall women, Femme Fatall.  She is a great writer, so there is content ranging from tutorials, street style interviews, women’s fashion in media, indie designers, and of course vintage fashion.

The was the first time I did one of my sessions indoors, so I was extremely nervous when I walked into her house.  But as soon as it was time to go, the nerves melted away and the shoot worked out beautifully.  Heather preferred the header image in color, but I thought the black and white looked effortlessly timeless.  After our indoor session, we walked around her (amazing) apartment complex to take some fashion photos with a recently fixed up dress.  The sunny yellow floral print looked breathtaking against the skyline and her apartment added to the 60’s Mad Men vibe (which is one of my favorite tv shows).

For part of my project, I had each woman write by hand a few 1-2 sentences about how the photographs made them feel when they saw them.  Heather sent me a beautiful sentence that really touched me.

This is the reason I do this.  I want women to feel confident in the way they perceive themselves, because I think that everyone is self-conscious to some degree.  My hope is that my work will show you that no one should have to fell this way.  You don’t need a professional make-up artist or hairstylist to see the true beauty in a person.  These photographs are every bit of the person in them.

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