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Calendar Girl

During my first day of my graduate career, a classmate asked me to help her create a calendar to give to her boyfriend as an anniversary gift.  I was really excited to try this out because it meant making a lot of different looks with a limited time frame and a set of outfits.  I had the perfect venue in mind, but of course, the day of the shoot I was incredibly nervous beforehand.  There were a few time issues regarding the shoot, so we speedily did this calendar shoot in a little less than a hour.  Because of this, there was some really vibrant sunset light as well as some beautiful shade for some of the final photographs.  This session has gave me some of my favorite images, and Nathalie was absolutely in love with them (as well as her boyfriend ;D ).

I’ve only done a few photo shoots in this magical place, but it’s one of my favorites.  Oak trees provide much interest in the background, and that light is just stunning.  I tried a few different color techniques this time around, and I’m really liking the rich, darker tones in some of these images (such as the header and the second image in the lightbox).  I was so honored to have helped someone create a lasting gift, and it was also a great experience to shoot with Nathalie.  She was a bit nervous to be doing these kinds of photos, but she was a natural when the time came to shoot.  This was a very inspiring photo shoot, and I am eager to continue photographing up here in northern California now.  Do you like the new color style?  Which image is your favorite?

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