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Celebrating in San Francisco

My mother and I at a game at the old Candlestick Park.

When I was growing up, baseball was always a constant presence in my life.  My family has been attached to the San Francisco Giants ever since they came from New York.  I remember the days of going to games when I was a toddler and my parents even had me at the infamous 1989 World Series game with the earthquake (I was only four months old at the time).  They would always watch games on TV and I have fond memories of the voices of Kruk and Kuip on the radio, narrating games I couldn’t see.

Since I graduated from school and moved back to northern California, it became so much easier for me to watch the remainder of the season.  After the amazing win of the 2012 World Series by the rally attitude of the team and their fans, my dad and I went to San Francisco yesterday to celebrate with the rest of the Bay Area.  My dad and I left home around 4am to make sure we had a good seat for the parade.  Even by 5:30am, Market street was lined with fans in full-on Giants gear and wrapped in blankets in the misty morning.  What I love best about being part of a team fandom is the level of camaraderie between strangers.  As long as you wear the colors of the team, everyone is an instant friend.

The parade went by so quickly, and so many people lined that mile and a half stretch of Market Street to welcome back our favorite team.  Unfortunately this means I didn’t get too many great pictures of the team players (so many people screaming for their smiles and waves), but it was an experience I will never forget.  Have a great off-season boys and congratulations on an amazing year!  I’m already anxiously awaiting next season.

Side note, these photos are a little bit different from my usual fare, but shooting the event was so much fun!  The energy of the crowd was just too high to not have a good time.

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