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Following Your Passion with Clara C and David Choi

Clara C and David Choi
Performing together at the Great American Music Hall

As someone who is in the world of the arts for a career, I greatly admire the people out there that are already doing what they love for a living.  Biggest case in point would have to be singers who had their starts via YouTube.  One of my favorite of these rising YouTube stars is a singer/songwriter named Clara Chung (Clara C as she is known by her fans).  She started off by doing AMAZING renditions of popular songs, some of her fan favorites being covers of Far East Movement’s Rocketeer, Lil’ Wayne’s How To Love, and a duet cover of the Plain White T’s Rhythm of Love.  She has had two albums, both of which are fantastic.  One of her most popular originals is a happy tune called Offbeat.  I first saw her live in at The Roxy in Los Angeles of last year and met some amazing concert go-ers in the process.

This year I was determined to go to her San Francisco venue because she was also performing with another great YouTube famous, David Choi.  David is a singer/songwriter/composer and has worked on many video shorts with the famous Wong Fu Productions (an all Asian video production team).  He typically plays guitar, but also has a lot of tunes using the ukulele.  His more popular songs include By My Side and Missing Piece (which both have creative and excellent videos).  Both singers have their own unique sound, but have become immensely popular over the past few years.

The San Francisco live (back on October 13th) was held at The Great American Music Hall and it was standing room only.  I was able to get right in the middle and since I went by myself, I could sit there with a camera the whole time and just take photos.  The energy of the audience was great through the opening act of Peter Chung, 2012 Kollaboration San Francisco‘s (a sort of talent show/scouting for Asian-Pacific Islander performers) winning act.  David came on next with a more calm set of tunes (his style is more laid back), followed by Clara with a more jazzy feel from her new album, esc.  Afterwards I was able to thank them in person and take a quick polaroid with them (thanks to the newest Impossible Project Color Protection film).

Seeing just how many people these artists bring together in every city that stop at is simply amazing to me.  Clara and David are making a living by doing the thing they love most in life.    You can see the energy in their performances.  You can feel the love the have when the lyrics are sun. Being able to make a career out of what you love to do is the thing that inspires me most.  Sometimes having photography be my living is a scary thought, but with my clients and work I will also be able to keep this as my career.  Thank you Clara and David for a great concert, and good luck on the rest of your tour!

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