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Lance and Rachel

There is nothing like a couple in love.  Since I was a little girl I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and it still gives me joy to see a happy couple.  My good friend Lance (we met back in the seventh grade) and his girlfriend Rachel are one of the happiest couples I’ve seen.  They met through a ballroom dancing group at UC Davis called Telemark Dance Troupe back in 2009 and have been together since 2010.  I met them up in Davis at the beautiful arboretum to take some photographs of them.  I have been meaning to photograph them for some time now, but schedules have never synched up until recently.  It was a beautiful (slightly hot and mosquito-infested) day and we had a fun time walking around this beautiful area of Davis’s campus.

Since they are both dancers, they definitely had the dancer posing down perfectly.  Unfortunately I haven’t seen them in action, but the little preview I had was wonderful.  Thank you Lance and Rachel for letting me photograph you!  Hope you enjoy these portraits.

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Heather Ellis - June 7, 2012 - 12:11 am

Hey Lauren! I looked on your actual site tonight for the first time.. Amazing work!!

Sunset Walk

Back to back blog posts today!  I decided to write about both of my wonderful friends today because I was just so excited to share the photographs from their shoots.

Over the break I spent an afternoon catching up with my friend Jessica.  She recently graduated UC Davis and is looking to start teaching in Japan soon.  We did a quick photo shoot at the levee behind her home while she walked her dog, Sugar.  The levee was a beautiful area that was completely filled with wheat-looking plants and flowering weeds.  The area felt completely magical and it was a beautiful place to be that day.  Jessica told me that every so often, the fields are completely cut down, so I hope that they keep it there a little bit longer because it is definitely one of my favorite places to photograph.

Thank you Jessica for allowing me to photograph you and Sugar!  We had to wait around a bit for the sun, but I think the outcome was well worth it.

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I went to Santa Cruz over the break to visit a friend since it is her last semester and UC Santa Cruz.  I met Jenna back when we both went to a community college together and we’ve been close ever since.  So my friends, Jenna and Jessica, and I had fun running around Santa Cruz doing what we do best (finding fun places to eat and stores to get nail polish, cooking wares, and unique clothes).  We also spent an afternoon exploring the forest areas of UCSC to take some photographs of Jenna on her campus.  Pogonip is a beautiful hiking area with a secret koi pond, old lime kilns, a towering redwoods.  It’s a really awesome little spot to spend a day in.

UC Santa Cruz is truly a beautiful campus, and if you ever get the chance you should go visit!

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Jay - June 4, 2012 - 9:38 am

On the twirl shot, did you break out a speedlight for that?

Fantastic shots!

Lauren - June 6, 2012 - 3:25 pm

No speedlight this time! Just a lucky spot of natural light in the forest. That’s why the focus is a bit soft on her. Thanks for the compliment!


Education is always pounded into our brains as being the most important thing for a happy life.  I definitely agree, but I always find disheartening when others do not give enough credit to people pursuing creative degrees.  I am always incredibly inspired by other people who are pursuing careers in the arts and their pursuits feed my own motivation to be successful.  My high school friend Ryan just finished up his classes at Academy of Art University, located in San Francisco, CA.  His official title is a Visual Effects Artist, so he does various jobs such as compositing, green screen work, on-set lighting, and rotoscoping. Basically he would be part of a group that did the special effects in a film.  For example, the scenes in The Avengers (which if you haven’t seen I HIGHLY suggest it for a good time at the movies) where there are explosions and epic fight scenes, all the CGI editing would be done by someone like Ryan.  I was able to meet up with him on a recent visit to San Francisco during my spring break and we were able to catch up on school life and the prospects of jobs after graduating.  I asked if he wanted a few portraits done for his “graduation photos” and we went to a few places in the areas around San Francisco State University.  It was an incredibly beautiful and windy day, but we managed to have fun shooting.


I truly believe that following you passion will get you to amazing places, no matter what you have a degree in.  You are the only one who will know what makes you happy, so go out there and do it.

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Business Launch


Hello all!  It is the end of another semester here at Brooks Institute and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to the Media+Marketing class taught by awesome Christy Schuler, I have created this blog, an online portfolio, a website for my lomography, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter page, and business cards, all with my brand new branding.  I am so excited to launch these sites for the public and I hope you will find these sites useful to get to know me and my work.  I will be updating the blog more frequently once I am done with this semester and I can’t wait to hear feedback from all of you!  It’s been a long journey to get to the opening day, but it was so very worth it.  Have a wonderful week and to my fellow Brookies, good luck with week 15!

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