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The Process

As a photographer in a digital age, I am constantly asked if I offer CD’s of image files.  I am a firm believer of being able to share photos that you love on Facebook and over e-mails with family, but I assure you that nothing can compare to holding a print or canvas in your hands.  How many times have you received a CD and just uploaded and stored it away in the corner of your desk?  I work with a specialty printing house to ensure that I provide you with quality wall portraits that will last you a lifetime.  For every image that you buy, I provide a Facebook and e-mail ready file for you to share with all of your family and friends.  But just imagine seeing a portrait on your wall in your house and remembering the feelings you had when that photograph was taken.  Imagine the emotions and the memories you will have when you see that image on your wall.  What I really hope to provide you with is an experience.  An experience you will not forget with images that you will love to see everyday.


I also offer lomography film services.  I am a strong believer in film photography and I really enjoy using the little plastic wonders that Lomography has to offer.  I own a Diana F+, Oktomat, Lomo LC-A, LomoKino (to make home movies!), Holga, and a Polaroid camera.  We can either shoot some of your session with one of these cameras, or you can shoot with me for some lomography adventuring while learning some tips and tricks to film!  The joys that a small plastic camera can bring will amaze you.